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WC5124C Greys 5ct Wooly Charms - In the Patch Designs

Wooly Charms are available in single color & combo packs. Each single color unit is one recipe, over-dyed on 5 different wools that vary with each pack. Due to the dyeing process, there is mottling that creates variations of shading & color saturation. The combo packs each have their own distinctions. The combo packs are also available in our Chunks collection. Each wool pack will vary according to what wools are currently available. Charms offer a variety of colors for projects with smaller pieces or color variations are desired.

5 different prefelted wools, overdyed with one dye recipe. Single color, with lots of variations.
Vendor : In the Patch Product Type : Precuts, Wool Color : Greys Count : 5 Size : 5" x 5" Designer : Phyllis Meiring Precuts : 5" Charm Packs, ALL Genre : Solids