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Playhouse Dress Up - Anita Goodesigns - Quilting Collection / Anita's Playhouse Collection

Throw away the paper dress up dolls and get creative with our Playhouse Dress Up collection! This collection includes all 16 of our Anita’s Playhouse animals merged on folded fabric quilt blocks with freestanding outfits to go along with them! The best part about this collection is that you can create a quilt with the adorable animal blocks or you can create a storybook filled with as many little animals as your little ones heart desires! The storybook also comes with cover pages to tie the book together and also a pocket so that all of the outfits stay together until the next playtime! Another great thing about this collection is that it is Mix and Match compatible, which means it can be combined with any of our other
quilting collections!

Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 8” x 12”