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Into the Wild

We are always looking for designs that we can stitch onto
t-shirts and knits that can look beautiful without being too
stitch intensive. We had the idea for the Into the Wild animal
doodles at one of our art retreats and thought they would look
fabulous when they are stitched onto knits. This was one of
those concepts that was sketched out at the retreat and as it
developed, turned out even better than we expected. We started
with an outline of the 20 different animals and then doodled all
of the details within the frame. They are all hand digitized, each
animal took hours to digitize due to the amount of detail in it.
There are all different stitches used to create the finished animal
and they will look great on anything you stitch them on. The best
part about the animals is that they are all created with one color
of thread so they will stitch easily on your machine. Each animal
comes in three different sizes.

Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14”