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60507 Upper Knife

Upper Knife, Babylock #60507 Details

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Serger Models:
BL202, BL300, BL302, BL400, BL430, BL432, BL4350D, BL450, BL450A Lauren, BL5030, BL5040, BL5040L, BL5370

Guaranteed to fit EZLock Serger Models:

Guaranteed to fit Happylock Serger Machine Models:

Guaranteed to fit Riccar Serger Machine Models:
564DE, RL613, RL624E, RL634DE, RL613E, RL624, RL634E, RL724E

Guaranteed to fit Serge Mate Serger Machine Models:
300, 432, 430, 5030, 5040, 5040L

Guaranteed to fit Simplicity Serger Machine Models:
SL370, SL350, SL390, SL803, SL804, SL804D, SL843, SL4300, SL4350D, SL4360ED, SW432