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SQL001 Sew Q Laser | Sew Q Laser

This Laser can attach to almost any sewing machine above the needle area and projects a laser directly onto your fabric-making it now effortless to keep your seams completely straight. This allows the quilter/sewist to make precise stitches without any fabric marking or measurements before-hand. Lining up perfectly straight seams can take patience and skill. The Sew Q Laser makes it easy! -Stable line doesn’t move while sewing -Increased accuracy for sewing and quilting -Can reduce sewing time -Easy to align and attach -Hard mounted and adjustable -USB powered and no batteries to recharge with 4ft cord -On/Off switch -Can be moved from machine to machine with Additional Base Kit

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  • Made of: Plastic
  • Size: 1-1/2in x 3-1/2in x 7in
  • Use: Laser System for Sewing Machines
  • Includes: Base Mount, Thumb Screw, Cable Supports, USB Wall Plug Adapter, Alcohol Prep Pad, Mounting Tape, Alignment Tool, Sew Q Laser