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Happy Jacks - Eva Paige Quilts

Baby 49in x 49in, Lap/Twin 62in x 83in,Double/Queen 74in x 80in.

A good scrappy block in a quilt with a modern flavor, and that's what you get with this pattern; use up some cool scraps in the block, then set them three different ways to create a lovely modern-esque quilt with lots of room for creative quilting.

Triangles on a Roll TM "Sew and Flip Geese" were determined to be the most accurate method of piecing the geese to make the blocks come together like a perfectly cooked goose. I do recommend them for use with this pattern, but if you have a method of goose cookery that you prefer, have at it. Directions for cutting pieces are given for use with Sew and Flip Geese.

machine piecing, scrap-friendly