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Once Upon A Bicycle Watercolor Quilt Kit by Whims

Once Upon a Bicycle!

Take a trip down memory lane when you display this picturesque quilt in your space.  Who doesn’t love a leisurely Sunday afternoon bike ride? Stop and pick some wild flowers for your basket then coast along the old stone wall.  Stop by the gate and join a friend in the English Garden for tea and scones!! Designed by Mim Schlabach for Whim’s Watercolor Quilt Kits

Approximate size without borders:  24” x 18”

Kit includes pre-cut watercolor background squares along with all applique fabrics, patterns, color photo and complete instructions.

Whims Recommends using Quilt Grid to speed up the process of sewing the background squares together.Using Whims Quilt Kits with Quilt Grid makes it easy for both beginners and advanced quilters to create a beautiful Water Quilt.

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