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HQ - Expand Your Design Portfolio

Expand Your Design Portfolio class with Harriet Carpanini, National Education for Handiquilter

Are you excited to expand your design portfolio but don’t know where to start? Beginning with meandering and moving on to other classic fills, we’ll spend time drawing and quilting these great textures in this class. Learning how to make all these fills continuously stitched gives you a usable selection of go-to designs for all your projects. Using large and small grids, learn how to scale your designs to give your quilts the perfect design every time.

• How to choose a design style and pick the right fills
• Use crosshatching and other fills to create special effects
• Explore using designs at different scales – micro to large
• How to create a consistent design using grids and other methods
• Effectively use HQ Micro Handles and adjustable handle bars

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Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Harriet Carpanini, Handiquilter National Educator

HQ - Expand Your Design Portfolio

$ 35.00