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HQ - Part 1: Intro to Pro-Stitcher

Part 1: Intro to Pro-Stitcher class with Harriet Carpanini, National Education for Handiquilter

This class is designed to entice new buyers and set the stage for new owners.Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy and fun. Whether finishing your own quilts or considering a quilting business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with a Pro-Stitcher. New owners – start here!

• Overview of support resources available on-line
• Overview of menu and basic functions and design catalog
• Fit a design to a block using Skew and Resize, XForm and Align
• Demonstration of the Pro-Stitcher Simulator
• Overview of PS Designer

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Harriet Carpanini, Handiquilter National Educator

HQ - Part 1: Intro to Pro-Stitcher

$ 35.00