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Longarm Services

We offer Pantograph Edge to Edge & Meandering Quilting Services. Our turnaround time frame fluctuates due to demand.  Due to an enormous amount of quilts needing quilted, our time frame to get the quilts back to you is now 8 to 10 weeks.  Due to wear & tear on the quilting machine using poor quality batting that contains seed and or plastic pellets, we cannot guarantee the quality of the quilting itself.  Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse quilts to quilt.  We strongly recommend using quilt shop quality batting such as Quilters Dream Wool, Cotton, Poly Cotton, and Poly. 

Quilting Thread: We use high-quality quilting thread from Iris, Wonderfil, Floriani, Superior, Signature, or King Tut. Neutral in color includes Light Tan, Off white, Light Grey, Cream, Taupe, White, etc.  Variegated Quilting Thread is available for an additional charge

PRICING: Our long arm quilt pricing is a little different than what you may find with other quilters.  Our prices are based on the size of your quilt and the complexity of the pattern.

Meandering to Med Dense Design price includes Meandering or Medium/Large open E2E design, solid quilting thread and Squaring Up.
Dense/Complex Design price includes 1-color quilting thread and Detailed (Denser) Edge-to-Edge Design

Click here to view designs.

The difference in cost between simple and complex is based on the density of the quilting pattern.  The denser the pattern, the more time it takes and more thread is used.


Quilt Size

Meandering to Med Dense


Basting Service


36” x 45”





54” x 60”





63” x 87”





78” x 87”





84” x 92”




Calif King

96" x 96"





112” x 92"




Super King

120" x 101"




Minimum Charge: $45
Expedited Charge: Total plus 35%

Other Services:
Make 2.5" Binding (Straight Grain)
$0.05 /inch
#1: Machine-stitched on with customer's fabric,
          and ready for YOU to hand-stitch to back.
$0.10 /inch
#2: Machine-stitched on with customer's fabric,
          and hand-stitched to back by
$0.25 /inch
#3: Machine-stitched on with customer's fabric,
          and machine-stitched to the front or back
$0.15 /inch

Example: Customer brings in a Full-Size quilt and desires a complex pantograph edge-to-edge design, squaring & full binding services (prep Binding & Hand-stitch binding).

Sample Cost:
Base Price (Full Size: 78in x 87in)
Complex Pantograph  $20.00
Make Binding (330in x .05)
#3 Machine-stitched Binding (330in x .15)  $49.50
TOTAL  $236.00

Visit our store for additional information to prep your quilt for longarm services and to choose from the many pantagraphs we have available.