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Welcome to Moda'hood!  To celebrate our community of quilters, let's build a neighborhood.  Moda Fabrics is helping us with a series of 16 "blueprints" -- block patterns of what our neighborhoods look like.  This will include houses, trees, and other sights you might see on our streets nearby.  Each week you will have the opportunity to download a free pattern right here on Sew Many Thing's website; this will continue until December 19. 

Sew won't you be our neighbor?  Now let's get started building a neighborhood!   

Click here for:

BLOCK 1: Sept 5th
BLOCK 2: Sept 12
BLOCK 3: Sept 19
BLOCK 4: Sept 26
BLOCK 5: Oct 3rd
BLOCK 6: Oct 10th
BLOCK 7: Oct 17th
BLOCK 8: Oct 24th
BLOCK 9: Oct 31st
BLOCK 10: Nov 7th
BLOCK 11: Nov 15th
BLOCK 12: Nov 22nd
BLOCK 13: Nov 26th (Available to Dec 31)
BLOCK 14: Dec 05th (Available to Dec 31)
BLOCK 15: Dec 12th (Final One)